North Lanarkshire

ACE rolled out a kerbside glass collection service for North Lanarkshire Council in 2005, servicing over 30,000 households uplifting glass on a 4 weekly cycle.   We recently took on a new contract to service over 100,000 households for glass recycling.

Glass collection

From November 2015, residents across North Lanarkshire will be provided with a blue bin with a green lid for recycling glass bottles and jars.

What goes in your glass bin?

Residents are asked to follow these simple steps for glass recycling:

  • Recycle glass bottles and jars – no light bulbs, drinking glasses, ceramics, cups or plates
  • Remove metal and plastic lids – place these in your blue recycling bin
  • Rinse bottles and jars
  • Place glass loose in the bin – do not place in plastic bags.

Your glass bin is collected once every four weeks.

For more information on recycling in North Lanarkshire, visit the North Lanarkshire Website.