About us

Our Story

ACE’s origins began in the spring of 1984, a group of volunteers in Clackmannanshire successfully raised funds to furnish a halfway house, which provided training and support to assist long stay patients in a nearby psychiatric hospital to regain their rightful place in society.

From these humble beginnings ACE grew into the most successful community recycling business in Scotland, employing over 50 people and diverting over 19000 tons of waste from landfill in 2015/16. The development of ACE beyond the furniture project began in 2000 when we became the first company in Scotland to provide a kerbside recycling service for householders. Over the years ACE had also built up significant contracts with local authorities and became specialists in domestic kerbside recycling services.  This changed in mid 2017 and ACE Recycling Group was sold on to Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd, a UK wide cleaning and facilities management company, owned by Scottish entrepreneur Roger Green, based in Musselburgh.

Roger Green understood the added value delivered by ACE and has made a commitment to continuing to achieve a blend of business with social purpose as he invests in ACE for the future.

ACE were always leaders in the move towards understanding that most of what was thought of as waste was actually a resource. We have worked hard to encourage our customers to separate their recyclable materials at source. By doing this we can prevent more waste from going to landfill and recover more resources for re-use.

ISO 9001 and ISO14001 accreditation are benchmarks for environmental and organisational performance.  Spotless and ACE’s commitment to professionalism in all aspects of the business.  We are now embarking on a journey to secure ISO 18001 for the new company and will continue to invest in our standards and professionalism to ensure we are recognised as a safe and reliable company.

ACE Brightwaste Ltd is a company limited by guarantee. Registered company number SC571264. And a wholly owned subsidiary of Spotless Commercial Cleaning Ltd.   spotlessclean.co.uk