Local Authorities

ACE for Local Authorities

ACE have a proven track record in working with Local Authorities as recycling partners. We have successfully rolled out 3 kerbside collection systems in Clackmannanshire, Falkirk and North Lanarkshire. In addition to this we operate community bring site collections, bulky uplifts, and trade waste collections. The ACE team have significant Public Sector experience and understand how the strategies and priorities of our Local Authority partners are set and managed. We ensure that our reporting and performance data is robust, on time and relevant.

As a charity we are keen to make financial returns to the communities within which we work, subject to available surpluses. This is a core part of ACE’s overall strategy and we also know this is something which Local Authorities value, differentiating us from many of our private sector competitors. We also ensure that we provide supported employment opportunities within our communities and engage with local delivery partners also, to add value to their social objectives and activities.

ACE contribute significantly as strategic partners within the economic regeneration process in Clackmannanshire, and also provide funding support to community groups seeking small grants or other assistance.