For Carers

Ace for Carers

Like any progressive and dynamic organisation, ACE recognises the importance of having clear objectives which are reviewed on a regular basis.  Our core objectives remain unchanged; we are a company focussed on supporting our clients to recycle more and care more effectively for the environment.

We are also committed to using our skills and experience to raise money for good causes.  We will soon be launching a trial with some of our key customers. Cans for Carers is aimed at raising money for Young Adult Carers.  ACE will donate 25% of the value of all aluminium cans we collect from our special Cans for Carers boxes.  Contact us on 01259 215090 if you want to take part in this exciting charity initiative.

Young Adult Carers are individuals who are moving into adulthood and have previously, or in many cases still do, care for family members in their own home. Young Adult Carers are remarkable individuals who have sacrificed a significant proportion of their childhood, teen years and early adult years, often suffering personal disadvantage because they have missed out on vital educational, social, interpersonal and vocational experiences.

ACE are working with Carers Trust on the development of Cans for Carers.  Any money raised will be donated directly to the Carers Trust who will distribute the funds to Young Adult Carers seeking support with their personal and vocational development.