For Carers

Ace for Carers

Like any progressive and dynamic organisation, ACE recognises the importance of having clear objectives which are reviewed on a regular basis.  Our core objectives remain unchanged; we are a charity focussed on addressing environmental issues, while creating training and employability opportunities to support disadvantaged members of the communities where we operate. We are committed to supporting homeless and low income households through the provision of low priced quality second hand and new furniture and household goods.

In 2012, during this process of regular review, we identified a distinct group that we would like to provide support to:   Young Adult Carers.  This led to the development of an exciting charitable enterprise called  for Carers ©.

Young Adult Carers are individuals who are moving into adulthood and have previously, or in many cases still do, care for family members in their own home. Young Adult Carers are remarkable individuals who have sacrificed a significant proportion of their childhood, teen years and early adult years, often suffering personal disadvantage because they have missed out on vital educational, social, interpersonal and vocational experiences.

ACE are working closely with Carers Trust on the development of for Carers, in particular, the team at Carers Central who have offices in Alloa and Falkirk. We have engaged with the Carers Central team to ensure our message and intent is clear. We are also engaging directly with Young Adult Carers and others involved in supporting them.

Mission, Vision & Plan

Our mission and vision are quite simple:

Mission Statement: To create an independent charitable Trust which will accumulate funds that can be used to provide funding and financial support to Young Adult Carers and those who have been Young carers and are now seeking to improvement their personal and vocational development opportunities.

Vision: We will have an independent organisation that incorporates a wide variety of social enterprise and fund raising activities into its core activities. Our enterprises and fund raising activities will provide the impetus for the funds we initially accrue and disburse through the for Carers Development Trust. Young Adult carers will play a key role in the administration and development of the Trust and it will be their actions that help their peers make significant and measurable changes in their lives.

Initial Plan (2015/17): We will seek additional partners with whom we can work to generate enterprise and fund raising activities. In the first instance we will seek to create fundraising opportunities with the network of Rotary Clubs in Scotland, starting in the Forth Valley area.

Our first Social Enterprise venture under the for Carers brand was to open two retail outlets in Falkirk in 2014. The first outlet is primarily a furniture re-use store, located on Burnbank Road in Falkirk. The second outlet, on manor Road Falkirk, has a small retail area but also includes a studio area which we have made available to local young adult carers.

Activities so far

Our first venture,  Jelly Beans for Carers, was in partnership with the Rotary Club of Alloa, and sponsored by D2 Corporate Insurance Services. We raised just over £1,300 and we were able to make an award to Young Adult Carer who was then able to go to Chile to work for 12 months as a volunteer in a school for disabled children.

We are keen to explore how we can use art as a means of raising funds for the For Carers Development Trust.  A group of Young Adult Carers in Falkirk produced a piece of art at a recent workshop, which helped to facilitate discussion about priorities and issues affecting the group.  The artwork symbolises the ‘Tree of Life’.

One of our objectives for For Carers is to involve Young Adult Carers in the raising of funds for the charity.  We’ve had some discussions with our groups and they’ve already come up with lots of ideas!