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Our Story

In the spring of 1984, a group of volunteers in Clackmannanshire successfully raised funds to furnish a halfway house, which provided training and support to assist long stay patients in a nearby psychiatric hospital to regain their rightful place in society.

Due to the success of their fund raising venture, the volunteers recognised the need for an ongoing business which would create local jobs and help alleviate poverty in a high unemployment area. With the help of a £1000 Small Business Grant, and one employee, Alloa Community Enterprises Ltd (ACE) was launched in 1984. The first venture of the organisation was to establish a furniture re-use project.  At our peak, and in partnership with Clackmannanshire Council’s Temporary Tenancy Team, we provided second hand furniture packs to over 250 homes every year. Changes in Central Government legislation mean that most of our support for low income households is now delivered through our re-use retail outlets.

From these humble beginnings arose what is now arguably the most successful community recycling business in Scotland, employing over 50 people and diverting over 19000 tons of waste from landfill in 2015/16. The development of ACE beyond the furniture project began in 2000 when we became the first company in Scotland to provide a kerbside recycling service for householders. This service has supported Clackmannanshire Council to its place at the top of the UK recycling league table.

The business developed further by starting a small business recycling service locally.  This has now expanded beyond Clackmannanshire and Stirling into servicing larger well known companies in Glasgow and Edinburgh. We have been featured in the Times and the Herald, and been visited by Secretaries of State and Royalty.  These are indicators of how ACE has developed not only within its own right, but as a leader in the field of community based recycling and social enterprise.

Achieving ISO 9001 and ISO14001 accreditation from 2009 onwards highlights ACE’s commitment to professionalism in all aspects of the business.  We achieved ISO 18001 in November 2014.

Alloa Community Enterprises is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status.
Registered company number SC92749. Registered charity number SC013106  Ace Recycling Group CiC Registered company number SC345565 is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alloa Community Enterprises.